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Apex Energy Solutions of Indianapolis

11644 N Michigan Road
Zionsville, IN 46077

Keep This As My Apex

“I didn’t think I could be giddy about windows, but I love our windows!”

Erin and Scott Wilson

Small Business Owners

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“I recommend Apex solely. They’re just the best!”

Angela Duggan


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At Apex, we don’t simply sell windows. We educate homeowners to make the right choices for their homes.

  • In mid May (just before a big snow storm) we had 9 Insignia windows by Apex Energy Solutions installed, 3 of which were very large picture windows.  What a difference they have made keeping out the cold, and now the heat!  Also, our lot backs up to a busy road and the noise reduction is phenomenal!  I never knew our house could be so quiet.


    From day one Shanda was prompt in answering our questions through texts and emails throughout the whole process.  Thank you Shanda!  Rick, with Alside, was patient in scheduling and rescheduling the install, working through my busy schedule.  His crew arrived, knew exactly what to do, got along very well, and in 6 hours had all windows installed.  While the windows were being installed, Mike showed us the process, how things worked, and answered our questions throughout the 6 hours and made sure we were happy with it all.  Sara was also great to work with during the payment process.


    I will continue to refer such an amazing product to my friends.  Thank you Apex Energy Solutions!  We love our Insignia windows!

    Kent and Christine Montgomery, For Collins, CO

    Installed 05/17/2017 - Installation, Product, Service

  • I had 17 windows installed in late June.  I chose three rooms that consist mostly of windows.  I could not be happier.  One of the rooms was my bedroom where there are 6 windows almost 5 feet high each.  Earlier this summer I had the central air running as well as three fans  and it was still hot in the afternoon and well into the evening because the room faces due west.  Now the room stays cool all day long without the fans.  I’ve also seen a huge difference in the Great room and kitchen, which is all windows.  There were times we could not sit at the kitchen table because it was so hot, but now it’s clement all the time.  I can’t wait to feel the difference this winter.


    I also wanted to let you know that the Sales person Adam Gorgie was great to work with.  Also, the installers were very professional, pleasant and hard working.  I think their names are Mike and Ryan.  All three represent your company well.


    Thanks again.  I’m glad your team showed up at my door.

    Denise Aker, Anderson, IN

    Installed 06/23/2017 - Product, Service

  • I am so happy that I was given your name for replacement windows! I liked you when I met you and all the information you gave me made sense! I knew that I needed to replace my windows because they were so inefficient so when you gave me the quote for replacements I was pleasantly surprised and, out of my character, I signed on.


    I can only say that it was one of the best decisions in my life! The new windows are awesome!! They were installed on Monday but the installation crew had to finish the interior and exterior stuff on Wednesday due to the rain. They finished on Wednesday as promised and I LOVE my new Windows—they look awesome both on the inside and outside! I already notice the difference in outside noise—so much quieter—and can’t wait to see the difference on heating and cooling bills!



    You deserve kudos as well as the installation crew,  Mark and his brother! I asked Mark about his experience and he told me that he and his brother had been installing Windows for 25 years and 15 years with Apex Energy Solutions (since they have been doing business in Indiana!) Needless to say I was impressed with the installation team—they were professional, courteous and honest! I recommend you and your team at Apex Energy Solutions!!

    Ruth Warner, Indianapolis, IN

    Installed 05/11/2017 - Installation, Product, Service

  • Our experience with Apex Energy Solutions was exceptional from start to finish.  My wife and I had wanted to get new windows for our home for quite some time.  Two years prior we had worked with Renewal by Anderson in an attempt to modernize our windows.  We were sick of the winter drafts seeping into our living areas and were ready to make a change.  We were able to get a quote and financing lined up for Anderson to replace four of our windows.  This was all that we could afford, but we were feeling that it was something that had to be done even if we only did a few at a time.  Luckily, our plan with Anderson fell through.  Even though we were disappointed at the time, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


    Last summer the doorbell rang and my wife answered it and stepped outside to chat with someone.  In all honesty, she is the one that we want handling door to door salespeople because she is really good at the quick ‘no thanks’ and at ending the conversation while I am the guy that gets sucked into the sales pitch.  So, I was surprised when she didn’t return for a few minutes and was even more shocked when she told me that I had to come out with her and talk with this guy about windows.  With the frustrations of our previous experience still fresh in my mind I rolled my eyes and headed out with Melissa to chat with the sales guy.  After a few minutes, it was clear why my intuitive wife was wanting us to consider what we were being told.  We scheduled a meeting for a few days later with Jake Wilson to find out more about the product and the options.


    If you are lucky enough to work with Jake you will know that he is a knowledgeable and engaging person who appears to genuinely enjoy what he does for work.  Jake had a great product to present to us and he didn’t hide his pride in the quality of the product he peddles.  He has every reason to boast as the Insignia Window is an exceptional product. Our heating and energy usage have dropped when compared to the same calendar months from the year previous, but I’m going to be honest, this isn’t how we really measure the difference between our new windows and our old ones.


    Standing on a cold January morning next to the huge window that we have is all the proof we need.  Before installing our new Insignia Windows, winters generally drove us away from this window.  We tried weatherproofing but nothing really stopped the cold from streaming in.  After installing the Insignia Windows the difference couldn’t be more noticeable.  We even rearranged the furniture in our living room because we didn’t have to avoid the five freezing feet that extended from our old window into our house any longer!


    I wouldn’t want to mention our satisfaction with Apex without commenting on the amazing team of installers who performed the job.  Rick Karr was the head of a great team of workers from Alside Installation who were able to complete the install in just over half a day even though they had to compete with one of those windy Colorado days that make you want to avoid the outside, let alone the outside on a rooftop or ladder!  The install team treated me and our house with respect, completed the job in an incredibly short amount of time and walked me through the use of our new windows’ features. The workers were professional, polite and affable.  It was an exciting day for us.


    As the windows were sealed in one-by-one I realized that the ferocious wind was only howling outside.  I couldn’t hear a thing.  I saw the trees bending, but I never would have known if I hadn’t been looking.  What a change!  That night, my wife and I slept through gusts over 60 mph.  That had never happened before.  Rattling screens and a poor product allowed noise and drafts to invade our home and made sleeping difficult and relaxing a challenge.  Not only didn’t we hear the wind anymore, we cannot hear the neighborhood dogs anymore either.  Lessened energy bills are certainly something we appreciate from our new window install, but they are nothing like being comfortable in your own home.  Our Insignia Windows from Apex have given us just that and I cannot put a value on how much that is appreciated.


    Anyone considering new windows should go ahead and do your research.  Find out how much it costs to install windows by Anderson or other competitors.  Then listen to Jake or one of the other Apex employees talk about the quality of their product and the savings that they can provide you.  Those four windows that Renewal by Anderson was going to install for us cost more than replacing every window (9 altogether) that we replaced using Apex.  They don’t  do this by selling cheap widows at a discounted cost.  They sell a great product for less because of the way in which their company spends their money.  I guarantee, it will feel too good to be true.  I was leery after meeting with Jake because I couldn’t believe what he was telling me, but this is one of those times when the truth matched up with the hype.  I will be forever grateful that we were able to make such an important purchase with a company with whom we are proud to have partnered.

    Seth and Melissa, Fort Collins, CO

    Installed 03/11/2017 - Installation, Product, Service

  • To say I am thrilled with my new windows is an understatement. They are beautiful and easy to use. I might even enjoy cleaning windows!


    The front rooms of our house were basically unusable before due to the brutal sun coming in the large windows and significantly heating up the rooms.  I’m amazed at the difference now that the new windows are in. In mid afternoon the rooms are now as cool as my shaded rooms, and the slight tint of the windows blocks the harsh brightness leaving this room very comfortable.  We are now able to use this room!


    The double window is gorgeous, and I feel like I have a new house.  The installation crew was courteous, efficient and showed great attention to detail.  No touch up was needed after the installation due to the care they took in the process.


    From sales to installation, your employees were professional and a pleasure to deal with.  I am so happy with the results and wish I had done this years ago.  I can’t wait to see how my electric bill drops!

    Melinda, Tampa, FL

    Installed 03/08/2017 - Installation, Product, Service

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