Did we knock on your door?

Face-to-Face With Savings

You didn’t see our TV commercial. You didn’t hear our jingle on the radio. You didn’t read our full-page ad in your daily newspaper. We skip those expensive approaches and use the money we save to bring our message – and a nice share of those savings – directly to you.

We believe so much in the benefits of this direct-selling method that we trademarked our own process. But Flipside™ isn’t a hit-every-porch door-to-door approach. In fact, much of what makes Flipside™ special happens before we get to your door. We pre-qualify whole neighborhoods and individual homes based on factors such as the age of houses and average home values. Then we knock on the right doors, provide great products and services, and let neighborhood buzz build our case – and our business.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we partner Flipside™ with collaborative homeowner education, the latest technology, top-shelf quality, energy-efficient products and time-honored craftsmanship.

Over 15 years, this approach has made Apex Energy Solutions one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. And it’s made thousands of homeowners happy.

“Show a man the names of half his neighbors upon your book, and you bring to bear a tremendous leverage upon him; but twice as many names from another locality may fail to move him at all.”

Mark Twain, The Successful Agent

Photo courtesy of the Mark Twain House & Museum

Flipside™ Defined

It all starts with a Promotional Home.

Each Flipside™ campaign starts with a Promotional Home, chosen based on criteria that make it the perfect candidate for our products and services. We do great work there, and then let it serve as the heart of our marketing campaign: Neighbor tells neighbor about getting great windows and great service at a great price, a few yard signs point the way, and the ripples spread through the neighborhood.


Flipside™ Defined

Next is the Thermal Imaging Program.

Want to see in living color whether your house is energy-efficient? Take part in the free Thermal Imaging Program. All Apex marketing reps have been trained by a Certified Level One Thermographer to use a special device to let you see how your home’s performing. But trust us: If your home is inefficient, it won’t take a thermographer to see it. One look at the TIP image, and you’ll see the dollars slipping away.


Flipside™ Defined

Flipside™ finishes with the final sweep.

Apex wraps up each Flipside™ campaign with a Retail Sweep. This offers our products and services to homeowners who fell outside of our initial footprint or weren’t comfortable doing business at the door. The good news? Because their neighbors partnered with us, we’ll still give these folks a slight discount off of retail.

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