Trees are outstanding.

They not only give us oxygen, but they also give us wood, which can be used in so many wonderful ways.

So let’s keep them standing out there.

As much as we love wood, we don’t use it in our products. We’d rather preserve trees so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Naturally, wood rots.

As much as people love wood, most of us hate maintaining it. If we don’t scrape, sand, paint or stain it (and repeat regularly), it rots. 

A better way than wood.

We save trees and save you from a lifetime of maintenance by using a proprietary resin that’s stronger than wood, stands up better against the elements and recycles easily.

constructed from
recyclable material

Clearly protected.

We love to see light streaming into our homes, but we hate the way those sunbeams fade our carpets and furnishings. Hate no more: The glass in the Insignia window reflects the UV rays that cause that damage.

insignia reduces
of damaging uv rays

During the summer, the Insignia works the angles to allow fewer of the sun’s hottest rays into your home, meaning your home stays cooler and your air conditioner works less.

It’s all about the axis: Insignia’s advanced solar control coating works in relation to the slant of the sun’s rays, which means it allows the sun’s warmest rays to enter your home or reflects them away depending on the season. That’s science that works for you.

In winter, Insignia allows those warming rays to come in, helping to warm your home and promote more efficient heating.

Rain, rain, go away.

Water can be a homeowner’s worst enemy. It causes damage, rot, mold, mildew and more. The Insignia’s fused True Slope sill and well-placed weep holes ensure that the water that hits your windows stays outside your home.

designed to repel
inches of water per hour

Choose to make it yours.

They say that choice is freedom. With a range of woodgrain and color options, you can choose windows that quietly complement your home or accents that help it stand out.

Insignia Offers Over


Design Configurations

Make Your Choice

The perfect fit.

Even a great window falls short of its potential if it’s not installed correctly. That’s why we use only certified Master Installers to make sure your investment pays off for years to come.

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