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Apex Energy Solutions of Indianapolis

11644 N Michigan Road
Zionsville, IN 46077

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Apex Launches First Franchise

April 15, 2016

You always remember your first. Your first car, your first kiss, your first love – you get the picture. Well, we remember our first too… our first franchise that is! All of our franchises are important to us, but there’s just that one that holds a special place in our heart: Milwaukee. Not only is Milwaukee our first franchise, it also has a unique story. Milwaukee’s franchisee, Trip Biesanz, had a previous exposure to the replacement-window industry and worked with a well known company. Unsurprisingly, that experience left Trip with a bad taste about the industry.

Trip Biesanz, Owner of Milwaukee Franchise

Trip Biesanz, Owner of Milwaukee Apex Franchise

So, to find out what drew Trip back to the industry and how his experience has been, we did a quick Q&A. Here’s what Trip had to say…

Q: How did you hear about Apex and what attracted you to the opportunity?

Trip: “I learned about Apex through my cousin, Matt Biesanz. He is the owner of the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. We both worked at a well known company in the past, so we had our own opinions of the industry beforehand, but Apex was just ‘different.’ I was blown away by so many things, from the quality of the Insignia, to the strategy of putting things into action through Flipside™. What really impressed me was the team atmosphere and the integrity that is expected of every single person in the organization. That is something that is seriously lacking in this industry, and it cannot be overstated.”

Q: What are you most excited about?

Trip: “I am most excited about changing the way the public views window replacement. In my previous experiences selling windows, I found processes to be incredibly ‘stale’ and ‘shady.’ It may seem cliché to use our call to action, but we truly do things ‘A Better Way.’ Personally, I believe that I will see this industry shift when comparing the reactions of our customers. Being able to see the mood transition from the initial ‘What are you doing here on my doorstep?’ skepticism to ‘This was the best home improvement/renovation experience that I have ever had’ excitement. Hopefully it brings in more referrals!”

Q: Regarding the launch, what would you say has been most enjoyable? Alternatively, what did you find to be most challenging?

Trip: “It is still early, but thus far I have enjoyed learning every aspect of the sales process and putting it into action personally. From prospecting and knocking as a Junior Sales Partner, to consulting and closing as a Senior Sales Partner, I cannot put into words the amount that I have learned about myself in just a few, short months. I have grown both personally and professionally. I am sure that you will get this a lot, but the most challenging piece has been recruiting. Finding good talent will ALWAYS be a need and it is incredibly difficult to convince prospects to take that leap of faith into a 100% commission position.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to?

Trip: “Lifting up the ‘Launch of the Year’ trophy at our next Summit in Q4 of this year.”

What a great story! We are excited to welcome the Milwaukee franchise to the Apex family!  We cannot wait to see the success they will undoubtedly achieve. All of us at Apex would like to wish Trip and the Milwaukee team the best of luck — we know you’ll make us proud by doing things the Apex way!