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Frequently Asked Questions

Apex Specific Questions

  1. How does Flipside™ (Promotional Home Program) work?

    Great question! Our Flipside™ marketing strategy is a three-pronged, direct marketing strategy that we developed to eschew the cost of traditional advertising in order to offer high-quality products at below-market prices. It all starts by partnering with a Promotional Home in a neighborhood and expanding outward through our Thermal Imaging and Sweep Programs.

    You may qualify for our Promotional Home Program. Click here to get more information.

  2. Can I buy your windows and have a friend/relative install them?

    Sorry, Charlie. Even a window as great as the Insignia could fall short of its potential if not installed correctly. That’s why we don’t take any chances with your installation — we only put your windows in the hands of a certified Apex Master Installer. Our Masters have a minimum of seven years’ of experience, factory certification on Insignia, are OSHA, AAMA, and EPA Lead certified, and have also passed an Apex Customer Care program.

  3. Do you sell double-paned windows?

    No. We set out from the beginning to only offer the best products available. For us, that’s our triple-paned Insignia window system.

  4. Can I buy just one window?

    Unfortunately, not. We couldn’t call ourselves Apex Energy Solutions if we only fixed one opening. That’s not a solution. We have an eight window minimum that ensures you see a real improvement on your energy efficiency. It also allows us to maintain better Master Installers by keeping them busy with full-day or multi-day projects.

  5. Do you offer entry doors?

    Not currently. We haven’t found the right partner to offer the level of quality and efficiency that we require of the products we make available to our homeowners. Stay tuned…

  6. Do you have financing available?

    Definitely. We have some great financing options available and have worked with lenders across the country to provide solutions that are tailor-made for our products. Check with your local market to learn more about your options.

  7. What steps should I take before my installation?

    You’re proactive and we appreciate that! You’ll get a detailed letter with instructions once your home has been scheduled for installation. A few major things to keep in mind: you’ll want to make sure all furniture and obstructions are moved at least three feet from any windows, all wall decor within the perimeter of the opening should be removed and any blinds or window treatments should be taken down before installation.

  8. How long does installation take?

    Don’t worry, we’ll get your old windows out and your new ones in as quickly as possible. That said, installation can take anywhere from a single day, all the way up to a week, depending on the amount of openings that are being installed. Mother Nature sometimes has a say in installation, but our Master Installers are the toughest and will install in most weather conditions.

  9. What type of warranty do you offer?

    You can tell a lot about a product based on its warranty. We’re very proud to offer our fully transferable, non-pro-rated lifetime limited warranty. With items like accidental glass breakage and seal-failure protection, we’ve got you covered. Click here to view the Insignia Warranty.

  10. How do I schedule a service?

    It happens. And, we’re here to help in any way we can. Although Alside currently warrants and manages all services for us, we’d be happy to put in your request for you. Just click here to fill out our service form and someone will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your service call. You can also contact your Apex representative to help with any service questions.

General Replacement Window Questions

  1. How do I know my windows need replaced?

    Although some windows may not always show their inefficiencies, there are some tell-tale signs your windows aren’t performing well and might actually be costing you money. Do your windows operate properly — do they open and close as they should? Do you see rotten wood on the interior or exterior of your window units? Is there condensation built up inside the panes of glass? If you have one of these problems on just one window, it’s likely all of them are ready to be replaced. Have one of our experienced reps come out for a performance assessment to see how Apex can help improve the efficiency of your home by replacing your windows. Click here to schedule an appointment.

  2. Do replacement windows improve home energy performance?

    Ideally, yes. Replacing your windows is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your home’s energy efficiency. For example, our Insignia window system is designed to save you 30-40% off your heating and cooling costs. It’s important that you replace your windows with an ultra-efficient product like the Insignia, and have it properly installed, to see the most improvement on your energy performance.

  3. Why choose vinyl over wood windows?

    Wood rots. It requires painting, chipping and stripping with harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. It also expands and contracts, causing seal failure and air infiltration. Our Insignia uPVC vinyl window offers a rigid construction that’s durable and meant to last. It doesn’t require painting or staining and will look just as good fifty years from now as the day it was installed. Besides, we prefer to keep our trees where they belong.

  4. Will replacing windows help with my resale?

    Again, it should. Replacing your windows is one of the only home improvements that impacts both the inside and the outside of your home. You’ll want to make sure you’re replacing with a long-lasting product that offers a good aesthetic on the inside and improves the curb appeal from the outside. Not only does it make your home look and function better, but the energy-efficiency is a huge factor in adding value to the resale of your home. Our Insignia window system, in conjunction with our Flipside™ strategy, has helped Apex homeowners to see as much as an 80% return on their investment, just in the resale value alone — that doesn’t factor the month-to-month savings the Insignia is designed to save on heating and cooling costs.

  • Energy Efficient Tip of the Day

    Install a programmable thermostat to lower utility bills and manage your heating and cooling systems efficiently.

  • Replacement Window Facts

    • Time to Replace: Most window manufacturers say to replace windows after about 20 years. Signs of a failing window include being sealed or painted shut, draftiness, and panes that collect condensation, ice, and frost.
    • Cut Energy Costs: Leaky and inefficient windows account for more than 25% of the average household’s energy bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. You could cut energy costs by as much as 30-40% by installing windows with triple-pane insulated glass, heat-resistant coatings, airtight frames, and/or Energy Star ratings.
    • Look for Performance Specs: R-value measures an object’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the window. A U-factor is the rate of heat transfer from inside to outside of your home. The lower the number, the more efficient the window.
    • Get an Exact Fit: Even triple-paned windows won’t save energy if not properly insulated. Installers should leave only a little extra room insulating. Once the window is installed, every crevice should be filled with expanding foam insulation.