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Looking for a better way to shape your future? Apex Energy Solutions is one of America’s fastest-growing companies because that’s exactly what it has delivered to entrepreneurs in 14 states – with more on the way.

Our formula is simple: Find the right people, give them exclusive products and a trademarked marketing approach, train them into our distinctive culture, equip them with industry-leading sales and service technology, and then give them the best installers and back-office support they could imagine.

With that formula, we’re revolutionizing our industry – and people’s careers. With that formula, we offer A Better Way.

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Trailblazing Products and Approaches

  • Local Pros

    Our best partners are local business veterans who know the marketplace and its people. Your hometown knowledge and our national resources forge an unbeatable alliance, clearing the way for your success.

  • Flipside™ Marketing

    Our proprietary Flipside™ marketing approach bypasses expensive advertising for a coordinated tech-driven direct approach, allowing you to pass savings on to customers through high-end products at below-market prices.

  • Exclusive Product

    Only Apex can offer homeowners Insignia, one of the highest-performing replacement windows available. We helped design it, we developed its marketing materials, and we refined the sales approach that will make you a success.

  • National Pricing

    As a local business backed by a national organization, you get the benefits of national buying power. Pair that power with our Flipside™ approach, and you get pricing that helps you help homeowners … and helps you win customers.

Epic Tech and Tools

Work Better, at the Touch of a Finger

Apex joined forces with its technology partner, Touchstone Media Group, to develop LOUPE®, a proprietary sales tracking and performance tool that puts an entire sales operation at your fingertip. Tailor-made for Apex’s Flipside™ marketing approach, the SSG (Sales Success Generation) tool LOUPE® allows you to manage teams, track your sales performance and separate yourself from competitors with features such as beautifully crafted dynamic emails sent directly to customers. With LOUPE® on your touchscreen device, you won’t need maps on the wall, binders on a shelf or multiple apps or programs. It’s efficient. It’s cool. And your competition doesn’t have it.

Go Interactive to Engage Customers

Local businesses often have a common problem with their websites: They look so, well, local. Once again, Apex Energy Solutions offers A Better Way. When interested homeowners in your area visit our website and ask for contact information, they’ll automatically be directed to you: your name, address, phone and email information. A website with national-level polish that delivers customers to your door … that is A Better Way.

Worldwide Web, Locally Focused

No big binders with photos and spec sheets. No lame PowerPoint presentations on a 10-year-old laptop. With our A Better Way tablet presentation, the customer drives the experience, exploring the Apex Energy Solutions approach, products and promises on their terms and at their pace. The bottom line: Customers come to see for themselves how Apex’s Better Way helps them. The result? Homeowners who guide themselves to the right buying decisions.

The Power of the (Well-)Printed Word

Nothing takes the polish off a polished presentation like low-budget, poorly designed product literature. You can talk quality all you want, but if your materials look like they were designed by your teenaged nephew and printed on your old home printer, then the customer will worry that you put the same level of care into your products and service. Apex takes that worry off of the table with product literature that dazzles rather than disappoints. As a company that believes in the power of technology, we don’t print a lot of materials … but when we do, we make sure they reflect the quality of our products, service and people.

  • Sales Management

  • Interactive Presentation

  • Local Website

  • Product Literature

A Winning Culture

We're creating sales Spartans.

At Apex, we put high expectations on our sales team members. And we back up those high expectations with “Agoge,” a training program that makes big things possible. Named for the demanding program used to train ancient Spartan warriors, Agoge promotes a “Culture of One,” where all stand shoulder-to-shoulder, aligned for one cause. Our intensive multi-week training courses are designed to educate sales partners not only about our company and products, but also about the industry and the importance of energy efficiency. Our goal is to create sales professionals who work for a common goal as well as individual success. We’re creating a revolutionary culture in which people grow and succeed … and have a blast doing it.

The Best Products, Installed Better

Leave the installation to the Masters. The most comprehensive installation program in the country, Apex’s Master Installer Program is developing a corps of installers who make sure every window is properly installed. With Apex Master Installers on the job, you can ensure your customers that every window performs to the height of its potential. And you can focus on what you do best: growing and building the sales teams you need to succeed.

See The Masters At Work

The Pinnacle of Support

As an Apex Energy Solutions franchisee, you can have your own business without ever really going it alone. We nurture your success with a range of support services, from regular conferences from our state-of-the-art media room, scheduled market visits, in-depth sales training, operations guidance, technology webinars and A-team support. We make sure that you don’t worry over how the business works, but instead remain focused on making the business succeed.

  • Dedicated Developer

    Our National Developer will always be available to give you personalized support.

  • Technology Support

    We equip you with unmatched technology and the training and support you need to use it.

  • Accounting Services

    You bring in the big numbers, we’ll add ’em up and deliver the information you need to keep things running smoothly.

"My quality of life has improved, and all in all, my family and I are much happier after buying Apex. It is one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Stephen Brown, Owner

Nashville, TN

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"This business model is set up to duplicate and be successful right off the bat, and we've seen that in Houston."

Jimmy Vitulli, Owner

Houston, TX

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"We realized we were surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals...passionate people interested in making a difference."

Ryan & Scott, Owners

Denver, CO

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