Tim and Dawn R., Mukilteo, WA

Installed 09/26/2018 -

It was nice speaking with you yesterday and I’m so glad we have all the paperwork finalized.


The new windows are fabulous.  We live about 2 miles from the Boeing plant in Everett, WA where they make the 787’s, Dreamliner and other large commercial jets. At times we would wake up in the middle  night  because we could hear them testing the engines before they were assembled to the bodies of the planes.


When they take the jets on test flights, they don’t fly directly over our house, but we are close enough where you can hear them.  I am so happy to say that with the Apex windows installed, we don’t hear any of that.  And it’ll be even more rewarding when they start flying 10 commercial flights out of the Boeing airport a day and we won’t hear the noise!


These triple pane windows are wonderful and they gave our house a whole new look.