Kevin Richards, McCordsville, IN

Installed 06/28/2017 -

I learned the importance of having solid windows very shortly after moving into my new home.  The original construction windows were drafty, and one, in my bedroom, had a damaged hinge that required a plastic cover to stop cold air.  When the weather was nice, and I wanted to let some fresh air in, the sticky latches were extremely difficult to open.  While researching options replacements, I was very fortunate to be approached by an Apex Energy Solutions representative in the spring.


During the consultation, the representative was very friendly and helpful.  He was able to answer my questions honestly and offer genuine input.  While reviewing the options they had to offer, my representative helped me choose the windows that would most fit my needs.  I did not feel pressured to go for more expensive options than I was interested in or to spend more money than I was willing.  By the time I had placed my order, I felt that I had made an informed decision.


There were no delays in the order so I was able to schedule installation within the timeframe that I was originally given.  The installers arrived on time and started unloading their materials right away.  Unfortunately, a thunder storm prevented them from installing that day, but they offered to return first thing the following morning.  I deal with construction contractors frequently at work and it is all too common to see a delay send them to a different job, leaving me to wait.  It is truly refreshing to work with contractors who care about my time.  They came in early the next day and offered to haul away a heavy trash item I had in the garage for my trouble.  Before they left, the installers showed me how to care for the windows and answered my questions.  They did not leave any mess so I had only to move my furniture back into place.


Since the installation, the difference is very noticeable.  Aside from looking great, I could really feel the difference in my house.  When I got home from work the next day, my bedroom was not hot as I had come to expect.  In the winter, I could stand next to one of the old windows in my house and feel the cold air.  When I stood next to the Apex window, I did not feel any cold at all.  When I run my fingers over the seals, I cannot feel even a slight draft.


When you install windows, you know that they will be in place for a long time; there are no do-overs.  It is, therefore, vital that the correct windows are selected and that they are installed properly.  I have now lived with Apex windows through the hottest and coldest months of the year, and the improvement of my home’s atmosphere, along with the service I have received, have convinced me that I made the right choice.  I do not think I could have asked for a more positive experience.  I will definitely call on Apex to replace the remainder of my windows.