Karla and Alberto, Renton, WA

Installed 01/10/2019 -

Replacing our windows was not on our immediate to do list for our home.  We figured we had double pane windows already and they were in okay condition.  However as we thought about it and spent anytime near a window, we could feel how much cooler the air was.  We also had fairly high monthly PSE bills, so we decided to replace our windows.  The installation process was very fast (only two days) and the crew was very respectful.  We had a newborn baby and were very concerned about the dust and cold air coming into our home.  The crew took good care to cover everything and only replaced a section of windows at a time, so we could keep the baby away from the work areas.  They thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned all the dust.  Post-installation they inspected everything with us and took care of every request we had.


Our favorites features of the windows are that they are triple-pane; open from both the top-down or bottom-up, left to right or right to left; the screen slides to cover whichever side its needed on; and they tilt open to clean the outside of the windows.


We also replaced our sliding glass door and I feel much safer knowing it has such a secure lock and its three panes of glass someone would have to get through.