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Apex Energy Solutions of Indianapolis

11644 N Michigan Road
Zionsville, IN 46077

Keep This As My Apex

“I didn’t think I could be giddy about windows, but I love our windows!”

Erin and Scott Wilson

Small Business Owners

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“I recommend Apex solely. They’re just the best!”

Angela Duggan


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At Apex, we don’t simply sell windows. We educate homeowners to make the right choices for their homes.

  • The installers always identified themselves and actually left the home better than we left it. We had the work done while we were on vacation. They communicated with us daily and were proactive. I never had to call. They were one step ahead of the process.


    There were a couple of installation challenges because of the inferior windows we had. The team collaborated, came up with a plan and worked the plan to perfection.


    This was a first class experience. This is an organization I would be happy to connect to my family and friend.

    Dan and Maria, Overland Park, KS

    Installed 08/29/2018 - Installation, Service

  • We just had windows installed throughout our home by Apex and we couldn’t have been more pleased! What we noticed immediately was how much quieter our home has become! The installation took 3 days and during that time Apex made sure the worksite was cleaned up daily. Our installer took such care when they were inside our home and that mattered so much to us. Check out Apex if you are thinking of replacing your windows!

    Kathy C., Kansas City, MO

    Installed 09/21/2018 - Installation, Product, Service

  • Andrew, I just wanted to reach out to you today to share my experience with the Insignia window installation.


    As you remember I had old single pane glass windows with a lovely aluminum storm window on the outside and it was much less than ideal.  You could stand in front of them in the summer and feel the heat almost magnified and the winter you could feel the breeze coming into the house in fact when I had to apply the annual layer of plastic If I didn’t get the plastic tight enough the breeze coming through would push out the plastic. And with all the hard work I have put into my home I hated how they made my house look.  


    Last week that all changed the installation was fast like really fast I was shocked at how quick they were able to do a quality installation. They were prompt, clean and curtious and did a fantastic job.  And now I love how my house looks! It finally pops and I could not be happier with the outcome.  I shopped others and Apex wasn’t the least expensive but it was easily the best value of the bids I got.  I don’t buy on price cause with my construction industry experience I know the low bid isn’t the best bid and it leads to bad looks on the house.  I would recommend these windows to anyone. They have a distinct different took that adds a bit of style to the house.  I m totally sold on the product and feel no better decision could have been made.

    Patrick Allen, Indianapolis, IN

    Installed 06/29/2018 - Installation, Product, Service

  • My experience with Apex has been flawless. My home was built in 1950, and most of the windows were original, so you can guess how little they provided in insulation from the elements and noise.  Every winter, the condensation would freeze then melt on the inside of every window.


    Luckily, Apex stopped by.  They provided detail of their windows and the benefits beyond my expectations (even using a small window prototype).  It seems every window problem was addressed in the design. Their representatives worked with my schedule to make sure I was not inconvenienced.


    The windows were ordered and in less than 8 weeks, I was making an appointment to meet the installers. They were great! The father/son team worked around my schedule, made best friends with our dogs and made sure to keep them in the yard and house. The installers were especially careful not to trample my newly planted garden, and cleaned up every scrap of debris. We had 11 windows replaced, and the installation was completed within two days.


    The installed windows are seamless, and design elements discussed upon first learning about Apex windows, have been realized. Raising and lowering the windows is smooth, the seamless design is easy to keep clean, and the sturdy materials seem indestructible.  The windows have an impressive warranty, too. I’ve noticed the reduction in noise, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the energy efficient windows effect my heating and cooling costs, too. I would absolutely recommend Apex.

    Kerry D. – Pendleton, IN, Pendleton, IN

    Installed 05/22/2018 - Installation, Product, Service

  • I learned the importance of having solid windows very shortly after moving into my new home.  The original construction windows were drafty, and one, in my bedroom, had a damaged hinge that required a plastic cover to stop cold air.  When the weather was nice, and I wanted to let some fresh air in, the sticky latches were extremely difficult to open.  While researching options replacements, I was very fortunate to be approached by an Apex Energy Solutions representative in the spring.


    During the consultation, the representative was very friendly and helpful.  He was able to answer my questions honestly and offer genuine input.  While reviewing the options they had to offer, my representative helped me choose the windows that would most fit my needs.  I did not feel pressured to go for more expensive options than I was interested in or to spend more money than I was willing.  By the time I had placed my order, I felt that I had made an informed decision.


    There were no delays in the order so I was able to schedule installation within the timeframe that I was originally given.  The installers arrived on time and started unloading their materials right away.  Unfortunately, a thunder storm prevented them from installing that day, but they offered to return first thing the following morning.  I deal with construction contractors frequently at work and it is all too common to see a delay send them to a different job, leaving me to wait.  It is truly refreshing to work with contractors who care about my time.  They came in early the next day and offered to haul away a heavy trash item I had in the garage for my trouble.  Before they left, the installers showed me how to care for the windows and answered my questions.  They did not leave any mess so I had only to move my furniture back into place.


    Since the installation, the difference is very noticeable.  Aside from looking great, I could really feel the difference in my house.  When I got home from work the next day, my bedroom was not hot as I had come to expect.  In the winter, I could stand next to one of the old windows in my house and feel the cold air.  When I stood next to the Apex window, I did not feel any cold at all.  When I run my fingers over the seals, I cannot feel even a slight draft.


    When you install windows, you know that they will be in place for a long time; there are no do-overs.  It is, therefore, vital that the correct windows are selected and that they are installed properly.  I have now lived with Apex windows through the hottest and coldest months of the year, and the improvement of my home’s atmosphere, along with the service I have received, have convinced me that I made the right choice.  I do not think I could have asked for a more positive experience.  I will definitely call on Apex to replace the remainder of my windows.

    Kevin Richards, McCordsville, IN

    Installed 06/28/2017 - Installation, Product, Service

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