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Apex Energy Solutions of Indianapolis

11644 N Michigan Road
Zionsville, IN 46077

Keep This As My Apex

“I didn’t think I could be giddy about windows, but I love our windows!”

Erin and Scott Wilson

Small Business Owners

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“I recommend Apex solely. They’re just the best!”

Angela Duggan


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At Apex, we don’t simply sell windows. We educate homeowners to make the right choices for their homes.

  • We had a much better experience than expected. The install process was smooth and uneventfull. The installers were self-contained and very courteous, they were also very accommodating and helpful with any questions we may have had.


    As for the Windows themselves, where we used to hear the neighborhood traffic, now we cannot. We love the insulation factor, keeps the house very comfortable.

    Craig & Jo’el B, Herriman, UT

    Installed 05/05/2016 - Installation, Product

  • We are very happy with our new Windows. Gone are the days of drafty cold or intense heat coming from behind the drapes. No more water leaking or foggy glass clouding up the view. No more prying open or jamming shut the windows either. The temperature in the house is much more consistent and even throughout the different levels. Our heating and cooling bills are more even and less extreme. The installation was fast, professional and clean.


    We will recommend Jake and Apex Energy Solutions to anyone looking to replace their windows.

    Ron and Sheri, Denver, CO

    Installed 03/06/2015 - Installation, Product

  • Upgrading half of the windows in my home with Apex has been a great decision. My wife and I had been in our home for a little over a year when we decided to replace our windows. The house was 20 years old at the time, and we knew that the windows would need to be replaced, but it was not a top priority for us; we had not been in the house very long, and our daughter was not yet a year old. However, when we were introduced to Apex, we felt like it was the right time to do it.


    That decision has proven beneficial in many ways. The windows definitely keep the home’s temperature more consistent and easier to control. They also have dramatically reduce the street noise, especially in our daughter’s room. 


    Having the new windows in our daughter’s room has been the biggest benefit. As new parents, a quiet room that is not too warm or too cool for our child to sleep in has given us great piece of mind.


    I am eager to have Apex finish the rest of the windows in my house and enjoy the full benefits. 

    Ben and Morgan Tatum, Greenwood, IN

    Installed 10/20/2015 - Product

  • I had thought about replacing the windows in my house but never really checked into it, knowing how much they are. I only know of the major window companies, ones that spend a lot on advertising, ie; Champion, Pella, Anderson, etc. but didn’t know there were other companies out there. One day, I had someone knock at my door and when I answered it, I was met by a very polite young man who said he wanted to talk to me about my windows. I usually thank sales people who come to my door and immediately decline what they’re selling but for some reason, I listened to his spiel.


    He was from Apex Energy Solutions and after listening to him, I was willing to move forward with this company and set up a meeting with LeAnna Connell for a more in depth explanation about their product and their company. After all was said and done, I had all the windows replaced in my home, using Apex Energy Solutions. The day the windows were installed it was a very chilly January day, however, the minute the first window was installed, I immediately felt the difference in the temperature in that room. From that very first window to the last, each room had a different, wonderful feel. I have a very large window that faces the south and with the tinting in the new window, it doesn’t feel like the sun is baking you when you stand next to it.


    The guys from Alside, that did the installation, could not have been any nicer, more caring or easier to deal with. Plus they immediately noticed one of the windows was defected and ordered a new one on the spot. When the new one came in, they immediately replaced the temporary one. I cannot say enough about my experience with both Apex Energy Solutions and Alside. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


    Jacki Hurley, Denver, CO

    Installed 03/21/2016 - Installation, Product, Service

  • We had signed a contract with another window company two days prior to Jasmine and Chelsea from Apex Energy Solutions knocking on our door. Their presentation convinced us to pursue further with Apex. The next day LeAnna Connell, Regional Marketing Coordinator for Apex, visited us with a formal presentation and window demonstration. We were totally convinced that we wanted to go with Apex provided we could cancel our contract with the other company. Luckily, we were within the three-day transition period and were released from our agreement. Our windows came in and were installed exactly when we were told. The installer, Rick Karr, and his crew were wonderful. They were extremely professional, courteous, and efficient. The entire job was completed in six hours! They then walked us through the operation of the windows. Cleanup was perfect and quick.


    Within a couple days we were able to notice a difference in our house. No longer was cold air blowing through the windows, which was the case with our 40 year-old original windows. The noise from the street is almost nil. Best of all, however, is how wonderful our home looks, both inside and out. We just received our first full-month energy bill since the window installation and there was close to a 10% decrease.! YAY!


    We can’t say enough about LeAnna, Rick, and Apex Energy Solutions. We will certainly recommend them to others.

    Donna and Pat Del Vecchio, Loveland, CO

    Installed 02/09/2016 - Installation, Product, Service

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