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Apex Energy Solutions of Indianapolis

11644 N Michigan Road
Zionsville, IN 46077

Keep This As My Apex

“I didn’t think I could be giddy about windows, but I love our windows!”

Erin and Scott Wilson

Small Business Owners

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“I recommend Apex solely. They’re just the best!”

Angela Duggan


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At Apex, we don’t simply sell windows. We educate homeowners to make the right choices for their homes.

  • Replacing our windows was not on our immediate to do list for our home.  We figured we had double pane windows already and they were in okay condition.  However as we thought about it and spent anytime near a window, we could feel how much cooler the air was.  We also had fairly high monthly PSE bills, so we decided to replace our windows.  The installation process was very fast (only two days) and the crew was very respectful.  We had a newborn baby and were very concerned about the dust and cold air coming into our home.  The crew took good care to cover everything and only replaced a section of windows at a time, so we could keep the baby away from the work areas.  They thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned all the dust.  Post-installation they inspected everything with us and took care of every request we had.


    Our favorites features of the windows are that they are triple-pane; open from both the top-down or bottom-up, left to right or right to left; the screen slides to cover whichever side its needed on; and they tilt open to clean the outside of the windows.


    We also replaced our sliding glass door and I feel much safer knowing it has such a secure lock and its three panes of glass someone would have to get through.

    Karla and Alberto, Renton, WA

    Installed 01/10/2019 - Installation, Product, Service

  • I recently had my windows replaced by Apex and I wanted to share with you how thrilled I am with everything from the sales process to the installation to the follow through.  It has really been a wonderful experience.


    What a difference the new windows have made for us, we definitely notice how they improved the look both inside and out.  The first most noticeable improvement was how quiet it was once they were installed.  We are also noticing how they are keeping the warmth in and the cold out.  I had double pane windows before and these are really so much better.  The quality is so apparent.  The installation and follow through has also been amazing, they kept me really informed all the way through and answered any questions I had.  They made me feel really comfortable with everything.  I would highly recommend Apex to anyone looking for windows.  Please feel free to reach out to me if needed.


    Thank you so much

    Nancy H., Federal Way, WA

    Installed 12/11/2018 - Installation, Product, Service

  • We just had the windows replaced in our home and to say we are elated with the windows would be an understatement. When Nancy first stopped at our home to talk to us about windows I was at first a bit skeptical.  But after speaking with her and seeing the quality of the windows that skepticism was gone. The entire experience from start to finish was wonderful. I would strongly recommend Apex Energy Solution to anyone looking to replace their windows!  Our installer Lee and his team were phenomenal as was Nancy, Louis, and Robert.


    The install team was very meticulous, professional and did an amazing job cleaning up afterwards.


    We noticed a difference immediately of the absence of outdoor noise but what was especially noticeable was the absence of Florida heat beating through the windows.


    We are very pleased with the investment we have made in our home.


    Kind Regards,

    Cindi & Don McIlvenna

    Cindi & Don McIlvenna, Land O Lakes, FL

    Installed 10/22/2018 - Installation, Product, Service

  • It was nice speaking with you yesterday and I’m so glad we have all the paperwork finalized.


    The new windows are fabulous.  We live about 2 miles from the Boeing plant in Everett, WA where they make the 787’s, Dreamliner and other large commercial jets. At times we would wake up in the middle  night  because we could hear them testing the engines before they were assembled to the bodies of the planes.


    When they take the jets on test flights, they don’t fly directly over our house, but we are close enough where you can hear them.  I am so happy to say that with the Apex windows installed, we don’t hear any of that.  And it’ll be even more rewarding when they start flying 10 commercial flights out of the Boeing airport a day and we won’t hear the noise!


    These triple pane windows are wonderful and they gave our house a whole new look.

    Tim and Dawn R., Mukilteo, WA

    Installed 09/26/2018 - Product

  • You never know what you are going to get when someone comes knocking on your door and offering a deal that is too good to be true.  In this case though, it actually was :).  Apex Energy Solutions came knocking one day and we accepted the opportunity to have someone come and give us the pitch on getting new windows and we are SO glad that we did.  Chris showed up at our house and gave us the top to bottom run down and couldn’t have been more friendly and professional.  We had a great time chatting, getting to know him and the product.  It was one of the most pleasant sales experiences I have had.  We decided to move forward and got the installation scheduled.  The team that installed the windows was efficient and tidy, they cleaned up all of their mess at the end of each day.  It didn’t take long before our gorgeous new windows were installed and ready for us to enjoy.  As with any large installation project, there were a few minor issues and the Apex team was more than happy to address them.  They came out on a service call and fixed everything!  The windows themselves are fantastic.  Beautiful, functional and performant.  We haven’t gotten the chance to enjoy the windows through every season, but we were certainly cooler during the summer while still enjoying the sunshine the windows let in and look forward to the heat we will be keeping in the house during the winter time.  I thought the experience with Apex was fantastic and the service has been wonderful.  If you are looking for windows, please give them a try!  I would highly recommend them!

    Luke S., Renton, WA

    Installed 05/24/2018 - Installation, Product, Service

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