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There's only one window that meets Apex Energy Solutions' high standards for quality and energy efficiency: Alside's Flagship product, the Insignia e2 Window.

Why? It's all in the details:


Tilt-in sashes for cleaning ease.


Colors, styles and designs to meet every need.

High Efficiency

Triple-paned insulated glass to provide high efficiency and visibility (outperforming most mid-priced low-E glass systems by more than
125 percent).

Extruded from a single sash-frame delivering optimal strength for fully integrated lift-rails and interlocks. Unlike most window systems that require such features to be snap-grooved to the sash, this next-gen exterior glazing-bead also ensures peak performance, while the custom cove-moulded design provides traditional wood-like beauty.

Insignia employs warm-edge technology, our ultra-flex spacer provides warmer glass temperatures while naturally flexing with the glass as seasonal temperatures change greatly reducing the risk of seal failure while reducing outside noise.

The heart of the Insignia e2 Window platform is uPVC Resin which utilizes a “European water cooled” extrusion process for added strength. This advanced uPVC is rugged, durable and virtually maintenance free.

Solid and tough uPVC frames and sashes that never chip, peel, crack or warp.

Fiberglass reinforced sashes for superior rigidity and non-conductive thermal properties.

Pinch-point fusion welding, which virtually forges the entire window into a single, solid unit that won't lose its shape, bend, flex, weaken or warp.

High-density poly-tech foam-filled frames to reduce conduction and capture energy savings.

But we're not the only ones who believe the Insignia e2 is top-notch. Independent testing agencies routinely rate them high in every category. Some recent results include:

  • Insignia e2 Windows easily passed rigorous air-infiltration-resistance testing procedures of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
  • Insignia e2 Windows withstood the equivalent of eight inches of rain an hour blown onto the window at 60 mph.
  • Insignia e2 Windows maintained structural strength and integrity in tests simulating winds of more than 155 mph.
  • Insignia e2 Windows have been inspected and tested by Underwriters Laboratories, which certified them as UL classified to ASTM E84.


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