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PVC. Vinyl. Polyvinyl.

Those terms get thrown around a lot. Sometimes they're used interchangeably. Sometimes they're used incorrectly. And sometimes they fall short of what they're describing.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. In broad terms, it refers to the vast family of plastics and vinyls used in consumer products and packaging. It ranges from materials rigid enough for home construction to products flexible enough to cover furniture. It's sturdy enough to carry water to your home and soft enough to wrap around a baby. These unique qualities allow it to play a key role in everything from sports and entertainment to health care and aeronautics.

Those same unique qualities make PVC perfect for your home improvement needs. It can be shaped to form perfect air-tight seals and relied on to hold a rigid shape. It can be blended with pigments to provide even and reliable colors and textured to create a natural appearance. And it can be used in combination with natural materials to create surfaces and materials that are attractive and environmentally friendly.

Finally, PVC can be engineered to reduce temperature conductivity, increase insulating benefits and reduce infiltration by the elements — making your home more energy-efficient and reducing your utility costs.

Finally, PVC provides all of these benefits with limited impact on the environment. Derived primarily from common salt, it requires less energy to produce than many competing materials, and it is highly recyclable. In fact, each year more than 1 billion pounds of PVC are recycled, putting many of them back to work building homes and saving energy.

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