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  • Right at Home in #Idahome

    November 10, 2017

    We’ve all heard Idaho is known for their potatoes (or, is it potahtoes?). But, if you ask our newest franchisees, Pauline and Rachel, they’ll tell you there’s more to Idaho than spuds. They have huckleberries, precious stones and a backcountry that is second to none. They also now have one of the fastest growing companies in the nation ready to offer homeowners ultra-efficient products at a fraction of the cost.

    We’re so glad Pauline ...

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  • Apex Launches First Franchise

    April 15, 2016

    You always remember your first. Your first car, your first kiss, your first love – you get the picture. Well, we remember our first too… our first franchise that is! All of our franchises are important to us, but there’s just that one that holds a special place in our heart: Milwaukee. Not only is Milwaukee our first franchise, it also has a unique story. Milwaukee’s franchisee, Trip Biesanz, had a previous exposure to the ...

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